Climate sceptic Netherlands still benefits

#Klimaatsceptisch The Netherlands still benefits from network and money from fossil industry.The Netherlands is a nursery of European climate scepticism,This is how Follow the Money, Platform Authentic Journalistiek and de Volkskrant showed last Saturday. With money from Shell, among others, in the 1990s, there was an active doubt about the human influence on the climate. The movement that was born then still exists. And still there is a flow of money from the fossil industry.

The climate-sceptic platform Clintel was founded in May 2019 by Marcel Crok and Guus Berkhout. Since then, the platform has been regularly quoted by politicians from FvD and PVV. Clintel also wrote a letter to the United Nations, signed by hundreds of international climate sceptics.
Clintel claims to be independent and not receive financial support from the fossil industry.

However, research by Follow the Money, Platform Authentic Journalism and Pointer (KRO-NCRV) reveals another story: Clintel benefits from a network built up in the 1990s with money from Shell and Hoogovens.
The founding of Clintel also shows a flow of money from the fossil industry. This flow of money starts with the Delphi research institute, which is a member of nearly 30 fossil companies. From Delphi, 1.2 million euros were invested in the Center For Global Social Economic Change in 2014, a personal project of then director Berkhout.