Come on, people. Are we Yoors together? So I thought it was.

#yoorsofficial #fraudes Today I read the post that fraud has been committed on a decent scale on Yoors, and I find that deeply sad.
Henkjan puts a lot of money there, he says we work for it, and that's why we get paid for it. Nice I like to participate in that, after all I work for it in that sense.
Apparently there are some people who have taken advantage of what Henkjan has cost a lot of money and yielded nothing, that we have been damaged by possibly missing a daily price does not make me see much in this light.

I made good money here last 2 months, have been a lot of active and have put a lot of my time into it and also gave a lot of my hearts and boosters to various people, and I got a lot back.

In that light, I make a proposal, well, everyone should know for themselves.

I wanted to request a payout of 50€ yesterday, but I'm going to make it 35€, the difference of 15€ I want to deposit to Henkjan, if we would do that with 100 people it will make up for his loss and ultimately all of us.

Do I give him 15€ out of my own pocket?

No, I'm getting 15€ less money from him this month.

Come on, people. Are we Yoors together? I thought it was!

All the proceeds from this item go straight to him because I also put him as a beneficiary. What do I care about those points in this case?