Communicative cheating.

Confession hotline popular abroad.

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I often get into conversation with strangers and somehow I seem to attract people who need to tell their most intimate thoughts and feelings. No one knows one's background and it can happen in the craziest places, and moments. It can be about unhappy marriages, extramarital relationships, loss of partner/loved ones and especially the many irritations in various areas. Also during my walks with my dog Kyra I am regularly held standing and then the stories come. Sometimes I don't like it and I make up an excuse to continue my journey through nature. But often enough I listen to the many stories!

Why do people tell their most intimate thoughts and feelings to strangers?

Why do people tell their most intimate thoughts and feelings to strangers and not to their partners or friends? The reason is not the trust they place in the stranger who listens to them, because they do not know or only very superficially. The reason is also not that the “strange” interlocutor is attributed some kind of professional objectivity or unbiased, as in psychologists and psychiatrists, because it also occurs among bartenders, taxi drivers, prostitutes, hairdressers, and sometimes among random strangers who do not exercise at all such a profession. One of the main reasons is supposedly the fact that we are talking to a stranger, free of reproaches or accusations. A person who tells transiting stranger his darkest secrets feels safe knowing that he will never see that person again. That science is liberating. Whatever you say in such a situation, it will never adversely affect an existing relationship. In addition, if that person is biased (for example, finds adultery absolutely unacceptable), it has no adverse and/or annoying consequences.

Confession - hotlines or confessional lines and the rapid rise.

The need for opportunities to express yourself in a safe and anonymous way is evidenced by the rapid rise of so-called 'confession' hotlines in the United States, England, Australia and now also large parts of Europe.. Confession hotlines are phone lines that people call to reveal their deepest secrets. Also, tandem phone numbers are often available to allow callers to listen to other people's confessions. In many cities, the confession lines are processed by thousands of confessions, which sometimes ten thousand or more people listen to. Before I write who are the founders of these confessionals, I first tell you why people “cognitive - cheating!

Suppression of secrets is harmful to health.

Scientific research into this phenomenon shows that actively hiding or displacing painful, angry, anxious or sad feelings and thoughts is very hard work and requires a lot of energy. In the long run, that hiding away can undermine physical health. Like other chronic stresses, permanent suppression of feelings and thoughts can affect the functioning of our immune system, of heart and blood vessels, and even chemical processes in our brain and our central nervous system. In short, too much inaction in expressing feelings and thoughts, and in doing certain things, can increase the risk of serious and less serious illnesses and disorders. It can also increase the severity of symptoms and complaints in people suffering from a particular disease. The opposite - is to express our most intimate thoughts and feelings in the short and longer term - and that has a health-improving effect, evidenced by many studies.

The hotlines where you can confess your sins!

What is your deepest, darkest secret? For me, you don't have to dig deep. I accidentally stole a brand-new bed for my daughter once.. Because of an unprecedented bustle in a hardware store and I had piled up some other supplies in the cart to give my youngest daughter's bedroom a new look, I didn't know how to get the bed out on my own - plus the contents of my cart. A smooth young man, who was also working in the hardware store, offered my very beautiful daughter to bring the bed to my car. Everything happened, as I would not have liked it, and when I finally stood at the checkout with a very visible sweating forehead, from the cashier I had to go faster - she gave birth in a very unfriendly way. So I checked out without even looking at the receipt! When I got to the car, the store clerk was still flirting with the daughter, and because of this I got a little annoyed and asked my daughter to get on. It was only when I got home that I looked at the receipt again and realized that I had not settled the bed and that made me feel very bad.. That moment is still clearly engraved in my memory about 30 years later, and I still feel the burning shame — from when I discovered. A free bed! I confessed to many people later because I was struggling with guilt. And no, I didn't dare go back to the hardware store 55 kilometers from my house!

Founded by Gideon Jacobs and Gregor Hochmuh from Brooklyn.

It's a combination of Post Secret and Chat Roulette, with a little bit of Catholicism on top of it. They came up with the idea at lunch. They had searched the deep dark corners of the Internet (like Yelp Reviews of Prisons, Craigslist-Tirades and Raves) while working on a project called Accidental Internet. As they read that and clicked around, they realized that a huge percentage of the UGC on the Internet is naturally confessional. Below you can read how they themselves think about the confessionals.

“Most people think that the anonymity of the Internet usually promotes bad behavior, such as trolling and bullying, but this anonymity can also enable people to get things out of their chest without consequences” - Gideon Jacobs
With CONFESSSION, you basically call a number and choose one of two options: 1) to confess or 2) to confess. You don't have to put on your best Sunday. You don't even have to wait for Sunday.

Some confessions are light and some very heavy, you are free to sin and confess as long as you want.
Jacobs and Gregor Hochmuh think that the popularity of this project is an indication of some acute feelings of solitude and isolation that permeate the culture. And one of the most brutal aspects of loneliness and isolation is carrying the burden of your secrets, your doubts and your guilt. “Greg and I had the hypothesis that people crave catharsis everywhere through repentance - a practice that is naturally found in many religions. This project was actually an experiment to test that hypothesis'.
And what is Jacobs' darkest secret? “When I was a kid, and I noticed that I was alone in the elevator of the building I grew up in, I only took off my pants for a second or two, just for the excitement. Never told EVERYONE, EVER. “