Contactless payment? I say, “No!”


I spoke today with @Ingrid Tips and more about the dangers of Tik Tok in the #tiktokvideos challenge and, above all, that the entire WWW involves an unprecedented amount of crime.

Because it fits quite a bit, I'm participating today with #stanietzodichtbijmij and it really reminds me of a new development that has actually been going on for a while.

I'm talking about this: NFC

I don't know if you're already using it, but it's another typical case of advantages and disadvantages of the new developments in this technology.
It stands for the words: Near Field Communication and it has been used on mobile devices in some countries for a while.
With this technology, NFC devices can communicate with each other within a range of a few inches.
It's kind of a new way to make payments.

It's a pretty cool technology.
But here we are again, there is always that one.
When a new technology is introduced, there are also another bunch of hijackers on the coast.
Vulnerability to attacks from other mobile devices.
Yes, you can share content with NFC without user intervention.
Think of images, videos, contacts, documents and in some cases it is even possible to completely lose control of the phone, so not only does this open a door for theft, but they can even send text messages, etc.

So if you make a payment with your phone, make sure no one is close to you.

Be warned!
God says, “Try and investigate and don't always take everything at face value”

Which is nice in this story, but just the other way around: I always say, “Stay close to the Lord”

Yes, I DO want to stay close to that for the rest of my life.

Dear greetings from @godsheiligegeest
godsheiligegeest@gmailcom ♥♥♥
Tags: #faith #god #holyspirit #bible #jesus #spiritually

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