Corona or not?

First of all, thank you all for the sweet comments on my message yesterday evening.

Unfortunately I still feel bad, so just come and give me an update and as long as I can read here.

This morning I called the GP anyway and tried to make an appointment for a corona test on his advice. Well, then you have to do quite a bit, because the GGD is not exactly in parallel with the guidelines of the RIVM.

I do not have the most common complaints that fit in the corona picture, but I do have complaints that are mentioned on the RIVM website. That was also the general practitioner's consideration for me to take a test. Initially, this was therefore refused! I can't believe it, because their quote is after all 'think of testing, then let yourself test'!

At the insistence of my employer, called again and luckily I got someone on the phone who understood me.. After all, I work in care and have responsibilities to both patients and colleagues. Luckily I could now have an emergency test done via the special care line. I'll hear the results around 7:00 tonight.

I don't expect to have a corona myself, but I would like to have this ruled out. Do you think it is ridiculous that you almost have to force such a test. After all, the guidelines are not there for nothing!!!

I keep quiet, I lie on the couch and that's it. Sleep online occasionally and now to give you an update. As soon as I get the results, I'll let you know for sure.

Love Diane XXX