Mini #kerstsok haken

Ik heb zelf een mini kerstsok ontworpen. Voor de liefhebber is hier het gratis patroon.

Begin met wit

Haak in een magische ring 6 vasten

Haak in elke steek 2 vasten, haak nog 2 halve vasten, hecht af

Verder met rood

Haak 5 toeren van 12 vasten

Hecht aan met wit en haak 7 vasten, 1 keerlosse

Haak 2 vasten samen, 3 vasten, 2 vasten samen, 1 keerlosse

Haak 2 vasten samen, 1 vaste, 2 vasten samen, 1 keerlosse

Haak 2 vasten samen, 1 vaste, hecht af

Verder met rood

Haak langs de zijkant van het wit 3 vasten, langs de bovenkant 2 vasten, langs de andere kant 3 vasten

Haak nu weer in het rond, haak 7 toeren vasten, haak nog 2 halve vasten, hecht af.

Verder met wit

Haak 1 toer vasten

Haak nu om en om reliëfvaste voor, reliëfvaste achter. Doe dit 2 toeren, hecht af.


Beloon de maker en jezelf

Word gratis lid.
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Elections in Peru
#Politics Last Sunday, April 11, elections were held in Peru, I have told you that I am Venezuelan, but I currently live in Peru. The political situation in Venezuela, all the efforts made and the years of multiple elections that we Venezuelans lived through, made me change, and I know that many others did. We in Venezuela saw how the whole country collapsed and we hit rock bottom, and we are worried about what happens in other countries, because we have already emigrated. I see with astonishment that the majority of Peruvians around me were forced to vote on April 11, because here they are fined, by law. And when I asked them which candidate they preferred, they did not know. Very sad! It is their future, and they do not realize it. The results of these elections were a bucket of cold water for the Venezuelans. Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori, two leftist candidates, supporters of the Chavista/Madurista regime in Venezuela, won and went to the second round with 99% of the votes processed, one of them will win in Peru next June 6, but the damage is already done. We venezuelans know what a socialist leftist government means and we are already seeing our future in this country faltering more. Will we have to leave?
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Digital art beginner: Lore Olympus Fan Art
A long time ago I made a first attempt at digital art. That was then just with my computer mouse drawn on paint and was rather basic and not really impressive, as you can see below. My first attempt at (some kind of) digital drawing. - Read more After this, I have long left the idea of digitally drawing. I had no idea which program I should use or what material I should buy. The way I saw it, it seemed like you needed very expensive software and expensive material to get a bit of a good result. Meanwhile, I know this isn't true.. In the end, your skill is the most important thing, which I (still?) not quite have, but the point is that the equipment must have some basic things, but beyond that it's just extras. Extras that probably can help, but if you just do it as a hobby for fun, those aren't really worth the money in my opinion. Meanwhile, I have practiced a little more with digital drawing, meanwhile with a sign tablet in hand. And I'd like to share one of my drawings with you. It's about Fan Art based on Lore Olympus, a comic that you can read on Webtoon. In the comic you follow the story of Hades and Persephone, but with a more modern twist. Many difficult but important topics are also addressed. I'm already a big fan! Hopefully you'll find my first attempt at Fan Art a little pleasant to watch!