Create impact with#yoorsstory

When I work with people who want to make an impact by teaching, I always ask what ideal they pursue. Usually it stays quiet or they look at each other questioning.

How many people do you think will respond in five minutes? In a team of 25 teachers there is an average of 1 who can tell. The connection with why they started teaching and what it yields sometimes seems farther away than ever.

To get them started a little, I inspire them with #mysstory and ask questions. With that, I ignite the pilot flames in fire again.

The stories that come loose deserve a stage, so that several fires can be ignited. I challenge every educational professional #yoorsstory to share on Yoors. Take us along and write about the impulse you used to teach. What do you strive after? What do you want kids to say about your Impact to others?

Join with #yoorsstory 🎉 and ignite pilot flames in fires