Creative handling of food to prevent food waste

I was always tired of it for a while. We threw away too much food. I didn't want to do that anymore and so I started looking more critically at the

I bought a little less. If you bring too many groceries, it is also very likely that products will not stay well or go over the date. As a result, they will disappear in the container again.

I have to look more at what you have in the house and what you can make for goodies In addition, I have a lot more to look at what I have in my house and what can I do with it. we have for example the French toast with fruit salad almost as a fixed part in the weekend and we are with leftovers of vegetables all kinds of casseroles and soup to make.

We now throw away much less food

Since we buy more consciously and really try to make everything up, we throw away much less. Moreover, of course, it also saves money from messages.There is still something more left. I I found out that we bought too many groceries every week. And with a little creativity, we now also have a very tasty and varied weekly menu. The only difference is that we don't throw away anything anymore. I personally think it's a lot of progress.