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Creole Pavilion

The Creole Pavilion in Venezuela consists of a plate of rice, shredded meat, caraotas and slices of banana.

A rich and very complete dish, but these ingredients have to be prepared separately, at least the meat and the caraotas, because each one has a process and if you decide to do everything at the same time, you may not eat early.

The meat must be softened before shredding because it is the lack of beef that is used to make this dish, once it is soft the meat is frayed or placed in strips the traditional way our grandmothers are using our fingers to separate the meat, my mother's trick is to use forks to make it faster but there is a much faster trick I learned surfing and that is that it has the same result with a mixer, yes, a cake mix mixer. Then you add the ingredients to your meat and let it dry to taste.

The caraotas are prepared on their own as they are only thrown into the water and left to soften after they soften, the seasonings are added to give it the flavor.

One, two and three that's how easy you will have your Creole pavilion. #food

The image is a reference of what is a creole pavilion taken from pixabay

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