Daaag... Waitlist

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Because of corona, the nursing homes had a recording stop.
We on #daycareostalgia have a waiting list, there are clients who want to come to us for day.
But because there's a withdrawal stop, our clients who are on the threshold list of the nursing home are not included.
Our clients with #dementia can at some point really no longer live at home. We and the home care will do everything possible to guide them at home, but if the clients have to go to the day spend 4 or 5 days it is important to register them. Preferably earlier, because there is not always equal place in the nursing home. And if they can't actually live at home anymore, they have to sustain it for a while with all the risks that come with it..
So we had quite a few clients on the threshold list.
Now corona has been dissolved in the nursing home, and the withdrawal stop has been lifted, resulting in recording of three of our clients. Yesterday and today there are 2 clients for the last and Monday the 3rd!
Yesterday's client came in crying, I'm so sad but I don't know why I'm crying like that. So we told her she's going #relocating . Her kids had told her that.. Oh, oh, she said. then I know. But she is demented and in 5 minutes she had already forgotten why she has to cry so much. Eventually we called the family at half past two. Come get her, she cries at the end, didn't want to eat, had a headache, complained of nausea. We are familiar to her, but in these cases, you better be with family! We hugged her (despite corona) and said goodbye. She got a don't forget me flower brooch from us and spelled it on her coat!
The clients who leave us get a photo booklet. But this was so fast, I hadn't finished it yet!
A nice reason to bring!

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