Day nasty molar!

Chiel had suffered from cavity inflammation for quite a while, causing him to suffer from nasal congestion, and cavities. Eventually to the hospital to open the cavities again. A huge fall and an incredible nasty kick was released. That's what it had to be... a month later it was exactly the same so back to the dentist she didn't dare to take out the molar. For that, Chiel had to go to the hospital again yesterday. And would the molar be removed, only the molar is extremely connected to his jaw, so just pulling was not an option! Siebe and I went along and wait in the car. So I could drive back.

Now a day later, there is still quite a swelling. With pain relief and AB, it all needs to get better quickly. It's a little sore and Chiel's got some flabby legs. We also take it easy today!!