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The Last Room

The Last Room

I silently made my way down the hall to the last room of the house. Only a dim light was visible from the half opened, silky white coloured curtains. The only window in the room was open, causing a chilly feeling to be present in the room. The tiny room was just spacious enough for an old, squeaky bunkbed and a brand new closet that had been left open. It was full of clothes that were waiting to be picked out and worn just like they were every day. An attention grabbing chair was in the corner of the room waiting to be recognized; A pink chair, only used to put the clothes on that are too clean to put in the washing machine and too dirty to go back in the closet. In front of the pink chair was a table that had a lot of stuff on it, causing a not so productive work place. Different types of perfumes, makeup and books had a permanent spot on the table as the open places were left with a tiny layer of dust. The titles were almost unable to be read, due to the only light being dim, leaving only vagueness. One of the perfumes, however, had been used as there was a lingering scent. The scent was clearly familiar as it was one I always use. So one of my perfumes must have had been either used by my mum or sister. A pair of black clothes was on the one of the beds; it would be probably worn tomorrow as it was put on the bed with utmost care. Why black though? However, it did look beautiful combined with a dark blue scarf next to it, which added a bit of colour to the outfit. Suddenly, I was getting chills from the wind that was slowly getting fiercer, making its way through the open window. I was able to move my legs now after I described the whole room and made my way to the window. After closing the window, I closed the door, abandoning the described belongings just like I do every day.

- Dilara

Damnn.. goed geschreven!
16-03-2017 20:07
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Aaah, dankjewel! Super om dat te horen! :D
16-03-2017 20:21
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