Décopatch bat

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During my free week I started a new Décopatch project. This time at the request of my husband Peter, a bat. He had been ready for a while, but had not ordered the right colors Décopatch paper. So sweet of @Trixx Creative to send it to me! I saw these colors in a post of @Mirelle -Creametkids and that color black with the silver gray, was perfect.

Below I will show as familiar à la Diaantje how he came about. I can tell that Peter is completely happy with it and slowly our toilet becomes a collection of my smaller creations 😉

The colors of the photos I am not really satisfied with, but unfortunately I did not manage to make better. So you should actually see him in real life hahahaha. I had a mini studio once, but I got rid of it with the move and I hate it, so maybe I should buy another!

Getting Started


The Supplies


The 2 colors Décopatch paper. The upper one is silver/grey and lower one is black with silver/grey marbling.


After I painted the ecoshape model white, I started pasting the veins of the wings with the silver/grey Décopatch paper. You can see that in this picture.


Then I went to cover the rest with the black Décopatch paper and the cup looks like this. I have (yet) no paint in my house, but I do have pearledot pens and with that I have made the eyelets. This with a brush slightly smeared, but you do not normally do that with these pearl dot pens!


The end result! A bat with, of course, an image of a cave (photo Jama caves Croatia) , because that's where they like to fly. Even though you sometimes see them flying through the garden in the summer. So the silver/grey looks white here, but it's not. I took the picture without a flash, but still there is something of light in. I do not know, but I decided to leave it so 😉

Below what I made so much more with Décopatch paper: