Diaantje visiting Mary-José, part 1

I was looking forward to it for months and not just me. We were supposed to see each other a few weeks ago, but then the Netherlands was a big white carpet. Now that I've ridden the roads, I'm glad I chose not to go haha. From the highway is not the ideal road to ride when it is white and slippery! Fortunately we could set a new date in a relatively short term and we immediately decided to add an overnight stay. No hair on my head that even doubted whether that would go well. We almost had a good click and it turned out to be even closer in real life.

March 19, 2019

You want to be fresh when you go somewhere the first time haha, not that I am not fresh otherwise of course! Downstairs my breakfast enjoyed and a little walk with Joep. Then my stuff packed together and then I was ready for departure. According to the ANWB there was some congestion and I left a little earlier. Eventually, after a ride of 2 hours, I drove into St. John's Monastery. A beautiful village in Overijssel. Beautiful houses and many with thatched roofs. Unfortunately no picture of that, but luckily 

a lot of other pictures! After a loving embrace, we drank together a nice cup of tea. had wonderful conversations together and then Mary-José asked what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I was not as warmly welcomed by the weather as by Mary-José, it really poured! Fortunately, there is a lot of beauty to see in the area and we decided to visit the orchid hooves!

started there with a lunch and that was very tasty. Below I will show some nice pictures. Mary-José has already shown some, but I have also made many haha.

A lot of koi carp and turtles were there. The fish you could feed. There were vending machines where food was in and for €0.50 you got a nice hand full. Of course there were mostly orchids and I will (without text) below some nice pictures All made with my phone, because I was smart enough to leave my camera at home...

Of course there are also a lot of beautiful butterflies there. Taking them in the picture was not easy yet. Especially the big blue butterflies, were so fast, that a beautiful clear picture did not succeed. However, I have been able to photograph a number of butterflies and I leave them


Outside flowers and butterflies, there were more animals. There was also a covered bird hall, but Diaantje is panic for loose birds, so we skipped those. Below the animals we did see. 

Of course I have taken many more pictures, but these are some that show how beautiful it is there. I had never been there, but had already heard a lot about it.

After we were at home, we first looked at the news. Very violently what happened in Utrecht that day.

Then Mary-José cooked and we drank already a nice glass Chardonay. I was not allowed to do anything, but had to be pampered completely. Nothing for me, but okay, I surrendered myself sitting on the couch.

She cooked a delicious pasta dish with salmon and delicious soaked shrimp. It was really delicious and I have bragged a second time!

No pictures were taken, but she had also made such a delicious dessert. A mouse with mango, passion fruit and lime. So delicious! Very fresh taste and I could eat a whole liter of it.

After dinner we are cozy while enjoying some glasses of Chardonay on the couch go talk. We could talk for hours, but the alcolhol worked still sleepy and I believe that we went to our bed around 22.30.

I slept in the attic and it was beautifully decorated as a guest room. I slept like a rose! 

What we have done, I tell you in a next blog. This one is long enough haha.



It may be clear that we have had a very good time together and we are definitely going to do this again!

that will only be later in the day or evening, but will come by itself. Friday I leave for a weekend, so I would like to finish it for that. Delicious all those mini holidays! 

Photos are of course all made by myself!  

Diaantje visiting Mary-José, part 2

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