Diaantje visiting Mary-José, part 2

part 1 of my mini holiday at Mary-José.

Day 2 of course started and we spent very well. After a delicious breakfast I was allowed from Mary-José a delicious'Aromatouch massage". The link is clickable and then you will find out on the website of the practice of Mary-José where you

can read all about this massage. That I enjoyed it is clear. An hour of enjoying delicious oils and the warmth of Mary-José. I am wonderfully swept away, although I have everything

The oils I also had to work in the whole day. So I was not allowed to shower. My hair was also a bit greasy, but oh well, I had to put my “seductive short” from Andrelon.

Day 2 we would go to Urk. Fortunately the weather was now good for us and there was a wonderful sunshine.

First we went to enjoy a delicious lunch, because our my stomach wanted something again.

I chose a delicious baguette with herring. I love herring and on Urk you must at least have enjoyed a nice fish! Mary-José had a portion of

kibbling with

French fries.

After lunch we went to explore Urk and tried to watch out if we I thought she still lived on Urk. Later I found out by a post of mine on Instagram, that she doesn't live there anymore. No wonder we didn't meet her.  came haha.

With the sun on our sphere we walked wonderfully through the streets and some shops went into. I bought a nice dress and t-shirt and a magnet for the fridge. A nice souvenir of Urk.

If I then encounter such a sign, then of course I have to make use of it. 

Unfortunately no husband and child at hand, so I am a little alone on it. It didn't make any difference with the fun we had.

The sun also started to shine more and more and my coat didn't even have to close anymore.

Slowly we walked further and meanwhile enjoying all the beauty we saw. When I first visited Urk

, I had not thought so well about the day. I had gone on a Sunday at that time. Then there is nothing to do on Urk, because everything is closed and everyone goes to church with a hat.

Of course the church had to be in the picture. This is the Bethel church

and this is a reformed church.

blue that sky and what a beautiful harbour.

Urk is of course a real fishing village and everywhere you come across this kind of fishing nets. 

Of course a “ussie” had to be made and we found the This is a nice location for the lighthouse.

Always keeps making such a picture, but it is absolutely visible that we enjoy together and have a lot of fun.

You look nice over the IJsselmeer and it remains beautiful to

Water always has something magical and with such a nice sunshine, it completes the net.

I thought this


a very nice place and Mary-José was so nice to have a couple of nice

I'm not going to show them all, but this one I found very beautiful.

The IJsselmeer in the background, the fishing nets in the foreground and me... somewhere in between!

Below I will show a few more pictures, but as much as on day 1 in the Orchids I have not made there.

Slowly also approached the end of the day and we had to go home again.

At Mary-José of course I chose an easy bite and we ate together a delicious sandwich with salmon and cheese. Never done myself, but this was very tasty! 

Fortunately she had made extra desserts, so even today I still have such a delicious dessert.

Throw away or let Mary-José eat everything alone I couldn't make...

In the region of St. John's Monastery you can see many stork nests. 

Well, you will live here anyway hahaha

Mary-José also gave me these beautiful butterfly earrings. bought at the Orchid hooves. I made it a pendant at home, because plugs don't want my ears.

I look back on a few wonderful days and I will definitely go back again. We are not over talking and there is still so much beauty to see in that area. In my area also of course, but this is really such a beautiful piece of nature and then such a super sweet hostess! 

Thank you Mary-José for all your sweet words, your warmth and hospitality.