Diaantjes ultimate post

@peerke70 heeft een heel goed idee bedacht en als hij de january2021 pool vandaag wint, zou hij hem morgen wellicht als prompt willen doen. Yet it is already possible and I had to think about it.

What is Diaantjes ultimate post?

I knew this had to be a post that totally told who/what Diaantje is. So that had to be a post that shows how cheerful I am, how positive I am, how crazy I can be and what I do for a good cause. It also had to be a post that makes me happy and is about something that I think back with warm feelings.

Scrolling through my many posts, because in 4 years I posted quite a bit, I came across the post below and I knew it right away! This is the post that fully meets the requirements I set for myself to contribute to the #ultimatepost Challenge.

Once started as a volunteer and donor of Roparun Foundation and later Hair4Her Foundation going to support. The latter is closely linked to Stichting Roparun and that means that this also has everything to do with cancer patients. When the question came to take part in a Muddy Angel Run, I couldn't help but say yes.

Of course I shared this with Yoors and you can read that in the blog below. This is who Diaantje is, this is who I want to be and especially the Diaantje I want to stay 💖

I'd say, look at him and I'd love to hear what you think of that 😊