Tray heart shape with (chalk) paint painted

A heart-shaped tray looked a bit boring in my opinion. It was white with paint off here and there. That could really use a lick of paint. The bottom of the inside with chalk paint. That's what I wanted, because I saw that idea come along on Pinterest once. (With a rectangular tray.) Gradually, I figured out what I was going to do with the rest. It's not spectacular, but I'm satisfied. Hope the receiver too.


  • Old newspaper
  • Tray in heart shape
  • Paint in desired color
  • Chalk paint (I chose black)
  • Brush (s)
  • Paint palette
  • Chalk
  • Painter tape

This chalk paint I use:
I already painted several things with this. Each time, light up the lid with a screwdriver and close tightly after use. Stir before use.


First, stick off what you do not (accidentally) want to paint with.

  1. Paste the inner edge with painting tape
  2. Paint the bottom with chalk paint and allow to dry well. Repeat if necessary, so that the paint covers well

3. After drying, remove the tape.

4. Then paste the bottom with painting tape. Also stick the side, against the top edge with the tape

5. Painted the side inside and the edge on top. Allow to dry well.

6. Then paste the edge on top and turn the heart upside down. So it's on the tape now.

7. Paint the sides and bottom in desired color.
Allow to dry well

8. Remove the tape... And ready!


You can paste a bend in the inside with pieces. On the outside by cutting along.

Make something like that?

I've ever bought all the supplies at the Action(not sponsored).

For a moment, my entry for the CREA Challenge seemed to be getting in.
But luckily, I did it.
The edge is blue, the outside and bottom metallic blue. I like the latter because it reflects a bit.

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