Discover Where Your Facebook Friends Share Blogposts

One likes it disturbing the other. See that a Facebook friend shares a particular article in succession. I also didn't like it at first. Until I looked beyond my nose... and saw where it was shared...

But suppose you don't see those reports.
And not everyone wants to talk about where he/she shares.

As long as they share in public places on Facebook, it is still visible.

I'm gonna tell you how:

1. Log in to Facebook;

2. Type in the search field the name of a Facebook friend that you know he/she shares (frequently) blog articles;

3. At the top you will see a list of words. “All, messages, persons... groups... pages” and so on.
Click on “All”...

And make choices as prefered.

Not only the person you were looking for appears but also what he/she recently posted.


You could filter the results by checking “Placed by”, “Your friends” or something else on the left side of your choice.

Also groups and pages. Either sharing places for blog articles.
And there might be some group where you are not a member (yet)!


Of course, you don't have to be friends on Facebook. If you know a blogger, but he/she is not a connection, you might as well find out this way.

Extra tip

There are many groups that are similar in name. If in doubt, you can immediately see if you are already a member by selecting the name of the group in the box that appears.

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