Do the Uneasy Voter

LThe Second Parliamentary elections threaten to be dominated by the coronacrisis. But what does our freedom look like after vaccination? What is our long-term vision for true freedom of life, love, thought and death and an inclusive society? I challenge you to think about these themes with the Uneasy Election Guide. The Uneasy Elector makes you think and lets you know which political party suits you best when it comes to life, love, thought and death. Must the five-day cooling-off period in the event of abortion remain mandatory? How to deal with refugees? The climate? Who decides that you may die? Do the Uneasy Voter!

You may not be aware of it, but politics does affect your personal freedom and the freedom of others. Freedom issues are at the heart of our society and politics. However, the now demissionary cabinet did not respond to many of these themes. Some themes, such as completed life, are even refrigerated at the insistence of the Christian Union. With the Uneasy Electoral Guide, political parties open up topics such as abortion, completed life, drugs, lhtbi+, vluchtelingen en privacy. A supplement that can help determine your choice of voice. Our electoral was launched on Monday and has already completed more than 47 thousand times. Get yourself thinking, share the electoral guide with others and talk about it. Together we raise awareness on the themes of love, life, thought and death and place them on the public agenda. You can find him on