Do you find other languages difficult or even annoying?

#whatis Yoors is becoming increasingly international, also in terms of language.

If we had to get used to Dutch and Belgian words, suddenly a half and also a few sweet and real Portuguese come along, and now more and more Spanish posts.

And we will also write in English I notice.

Nice of course and a greater range, but if it's easy for everyone I don't know.

Although I master English well I sometimes have no desire or attention to read it, sometimes I come back another day but it happens regularly that I have lost or forgotten the blog.

Too bad. A missed opportunity for me, too.

What is the solution. Translators, indeed.

But whether that should make you happy.

English — Dutch generally goes well, although pools and pools are simple examples where things go wrong.

But if you translate Portuguese into Dutch, for example, it quickly becomes a mess and you get the most weird sentences.

Last week I read on a Portuguese news site something about infringement of something, that was dor Google translated as rape.

Also, the built-in translator of Yoors is not to write about home, will use Google translate think i

What translating methods do I use in Windows operating system?

(I use a strange sentence, but otherwise it might be translated as windows.

In most browsers (Vivaldi, Google, Firefox etc.) you can simply add extensions, Google translate is one of them, but I have been using Imtranslater for years.

Works well, you select a part of the text and then you see a ball, if you click on it, the text will be translated into the language you want. Can even be from Japanese.

There is also a mouse over option, sometimes useful for a particle.

You can also translate whole pages and then the underlying pages are translated as well.

A nice extension that I can recommend to everyone.

To write something I've been using for a year or some , veel beter dan Google met vertalingen. I don't have any stock or any other interest. You can copy parts of text to the screen and they are then recognized and translated into a language of your choice.

The difference in translations is really a world of difference.

Recently they have a very good addition. You install a small program on your PC and then you can translate faster and more convenient.

You select a part of text again and then press the combination CRTL-C 2 times and then the original and translated part will appear. Works nice, I think.

The 2 pressing combination CRTL-C is specially done because this combination is also used for other functions such as Copy.

My opinion.

Imtranslater extension I use for newssites and multi-page sites, for example webshops.

DeepL Windows addition for pieces of text I want to read in my language. als ik iets wil schrijven in een andere taal.

I hope it will help you and be a little less sorry about other languages.

If we also get more good blogs in other languages, it will certainly be fine.