Do you have any good intentions?

#yoorsjanuary2021 #corona #coronavaccin #dagopvangdenostalgie
And then it's January 3rd and the holidays are over again!
Normally, a lot of people do good intentions.
One likes to lose weight, the other quit smoking, and another more go in for sports.
I also have something on my list, but what really keeps me busy is #corona .
I try to live as healthy as possible (we eat a lot of fruit) and stay away from corona not only for me but also for #dagopvangdenostalgie
I adhere to the measures and at work we are very strict about our clients and employees!
I am waiting with sorrow for the #coronavaccin .
And then I'm going to work on my good intentions, and then I can go back to sports, because then the gyms are open again, and then you can go anywhere we want if it's okay.
I conclude with “Positive thinking and staying negative”!