Do you have to pay to read posts on Yoors?

Recently, Yoors has the opportunity for Yoors—members to ask YPs (Yoors Points) for their own post.
This means that the visitor sees a small part of that post, and the rest if he/she pays the requested amount of YP from his or her balance on Yoors.

It's called Pay By Post (PPP). Some Yoormembers use this new tool. One asks 1 YP, the other 10, another 100, so to speak 100. The creator of a post may decide the number himself and may change and/or disable it. (1.000 YP = €1.00).
Click here for an example of a post where ppp has been applied. (That post is also about ppp.)

The first thought of a visitor, of such a post where ppp has been applied, could be: “Come on, I don't want thát!”
But realize, that this is not from your bank account. It's from your YP balance on Yoors. As Yoorsmember you build points in various ways .
New members receive a number of YP when registering. So those YP can possibly be spent on reading posts, where ppp has been applied.

Doesn't the introduction of a post appeal to you? No problem, you know. Then you simply do not pay the requested YP. Of course, it's your choice.
The fact that you can increase your YP balance yourself and then pay for it, is a another thing. Also completely own choice.

If you think the content can be valuable to you, or if you're curious about a pixel-shielded photo, or whatever,
then consider paying the requested YP for it.


The answer to the question: “Do you have to pay to read posts on Yoors?” is: No.

There are many free articles to be read on Yoors.

Neither MUST you become a member. However, I highly recommend that...

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Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay