Snoep en koek!

#doodlechallenge  @Broekie

Ik ben echt een snoeper!!
In the design challenge you create a garment of the themes. It says 1 to 7 and today you need theme 1, tomorrow theme 2 and so on all the time! So Monday 26 April: love Tuesday 27 April: King's Day Wednesday 28 April: sports Thursday 29 April: dashes Friday 30 April: chill Saturday 1 May: winter Sunday 2 May: Summer You guys are also in? You can also draw shoes and other things! You need to draw a drawing of the theme that should be on that day. You can always connect later, or do not join. Place your drawing on #designchallenge Lots of fun, greetings Tess
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The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (7th contribution)
#140w Hereby my 7th contributions in the challenge May with the word bread crumb (s) or pieces of it. There are a lot of proverbs that treat “bread”. People sometimes say, “He won't let the cheese eat off the bread,” by which they mean he won't let the benefits be taken away.. 'Putting bread out of the mouth' is one of those, and this means making someone unemployed. Another one that my former employer used often when I said something other than I was allowed to: 'Whose bread one eats, his word one speaks'. I also find a beautiful one: 'Bakkers' children eat old bread'. In this way, one says that little attention is paid to the profession that is practiced in its immediate surroundings. I didn't really like much about breadcrumbs. Just one, and that's the next one, “The breadcrumbs stick him.”. It is said of someone who can't stand the opulence and gets drunk or balorig. ©Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere