Drop candy

I decided to also join #yoorsnovember at least once. Today's word is #drop.
The English word Drop means drop something. In Dutch drop is some sort of candy.
That's what I wanted to combine. But to get that on the picture was pretty difficult. Together with my mother, I tried that out!
Several times I dropped a bunch of candies from my hands into a glass candy jar while she tried to take pictures of it with her smartphone. That failed. Then the rolls turned over. But whatever we tried (faster, press and hold button, better timing), it was either too vague, or the jar was on the picture and that's it. Eventually we recorded a slow motion and extracted three frames from it. On the device that still manipulates frames. Automatically improved lighting and reduced shadow. Hopefully screenshots are also valid as participation. Well, at least it's nice to be in.

Here I drop a coindrop!

Anyone who also participates: success, and who knows, I might participate a few more times.

#slowmo #uitdaging #frames #screenshot