Dutchie's 2020!

Dutchie's Digitals :

Joined: 04-06-2020.

4 June 2020 I have revived my Dutchie account and started putting my coloring pages and later my other digital artwork online here. I started posting them here and sharing them on various social media. I've had a lot of fun coming up with themes and making coloring pages over the past six months.

It was even more fun to see that others liked my work and did everything from colors to craft project and from window sticker pattern to greeting cards in their own creative way.

I made some requests and very carefully started making full color images. And what do I like it!! Every reaction, the feedback and the compliments and especially to see what they have made with it!

For me this hobby and being therapeutic, putting my worries and problems aside and moving my mind!

This would never have become so important to me without the support of Yoors and the team and all its members!

Thank you for your enthusiasm, your reactions and your hearts and boosters and your creativity!

Thank you for this start in 2020, although a rotten year through corona and hard for all of us we got through it! 2020 is almost over and we are waiting to be cheerfully and with good courage to usher in 2021! On to a better year with a lot of creativity, fun stories and beautiful pictures. And also delicious recipes and fun challenges!

Thanks again and stay healthy!