Easy Saving Lots of Money on your Health Insurance

The time to investigate whether and if so how much you can save on your health insurance is coming back. It's not at all difficult to quickly save a lot of money.

My first tip has already inspired many people; I take a dental insurance every other year. Because I join Independer every year, I always get the Dental Accident Insurance free of charge. One year I do take supplementary insurance for dentistry, and the other year I don't. In 2020 I did have insurance for it, and I was in the first week of January, first week of July and in December (end of the month) for the audit. I then skip the half-yearly control once, and in 2022 I go 3 times. Issue of plans!

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Sonatin Clementi
#sonatine #clementi #classicmusic #music #pianomusic #piano #onlyplan #yoorsaudio In this Yoors audio recording you hear a Sonatine by Clementi consisting of three parts. They were played by me on the piano. I love sonatins very much. And from Clementi they are also temperamentous alternating with integrity. And that attracts me very much to play it. They are also very good and challenging finger exercises for piano. I had to practice them a lot in my young years as a little girl to be able to develop well in my piano playing. I had a teacher who really took everything out of it and gave me these kinds of exercises as an assignment time and time again. I also sometimes cursed them those exercises haha, because if you hit even a note wrong, it said “Again!” And then we started all over again from the beginning. Anyway, it works. It's the only way that works for me. Discipline, cheering yourself every time, raging against myself occasionally behind the piano, because the best man hasn't lived for years. But secretly I hear him in my thoughts of “Again! “And then I always have to laugh again, because he was so driven and so am I.. He knew that. Have a lot of listening. So you'll hear three parts in this audio. Warm salute, Madeleine
ZKV Very Short Stories - A. L. Snijders
AL.. Snijders, pseudonym of Peter Cornelis Müller, was a Dutch writer. He was the creator of a new literary genre called the 'very short story' (ACCF).. AL.. Snijders died on June 7, 2021 at home in 2021 at the age of 83.