In memory of a wonderful school principle

Today is a rather sad day for me and my daughters school community, their school principle passed away from Covid early this morning.
He was one of those people that are born to work with children. He understood them and he always referred to the school kids as his children.

He was Principle of the school for 22 years and the stories coming into the schools official page all have something in common; he loved working with children, he loved running the school, he loved being involved with all the extra curricular activities, you would always spot him supporting sports events, music events, he was always present.

He stepped in when a parent passed away, when a child struggled to fit in, when a child had anxiety. He would go searching for a child's last item until he could find it. He was a true father figure. He would put his foot down when it was needed, but he also stretched his arms out wide to embrace you when a hug was what you needed most.

The world needs more adults such as him, that set such a high standard not only with education, but with how he treats children, respect a child and they will respect you too. I can trully  say that he has left such a void in so many people's lives.

He loved music, he was tremendously proud of the choir, he was always quick to point out to all new parents that we had the best choir in the whole world. I want to share a song by the choir that he loved so much.

I also ask that you think about his family and his sons, one which is currently in hospital as well fighting Covid. Say a little prayer for them.

#education #inmemory