My story...Emigrate from venezuela and destroy the heart

I do not know if it is that today I am especially depressed, or it is one of those days when things are opaque, but today seeing the unlived of my country I am struck by a question, where can I look for a new life? ... I am in my 50s, with 30 years as a teacher and a life made, ... where can I start? ... how? ... will it be possible? .... leaving Venezuela is not easy since March 16 , We are in quarantine, playing to make work more flexible, shopping outlets, but our borders are closed ..... if closed for those who have no way to buy the conscience of a military man, who I swear to protect our country, if not you have that money you must cross the green roads to Colombia, roads full of paramilitaries and criminals putting your life at risk, waiting to get to an airport, if it is the case for a trip to another country, I have Spanish nationality for my parents, and I could enter Spain where things are not good either, since the shadow of Chvismo is It was within the Spanish government, what hope, that surplus invades my heart, how to get there leaving the affections, the political family, the brothers, a whole life ... apart from my husband and I have a pet, I have no one to leave it to him And taking it to me means an even greater challenge, since the European community requires special tests in laboratories designated by the European community, one of those laboratories is in Kansas, United States and sending it from here is highly expensive, what should I do with it then, My adored kitten, who is the one that gives me comfort and makes my days happy, .... abandon her? .... leave her to the good of God? ... surely she will not survive, since she is a domestic kitten, who does not leave home ... should I then leave all my affections behind and leave? .... if I look back? ... can I be happy in another country starting in this way? ...... staying is even worse, without health, without medication, eating badly and surviving ..... it is a difficult decision, where you never win, I only ask God enlighten me !!!.#Emigrardevenezuela