Emigrate, to where?

Recently @pitamaria2000   wrote about the difficulties in her country, about how difficult leaving her country would be for her, especially if she had to leave her cat behind.

I told her that we had been looking at emigrating for quite a long time. In fact very seriously in the last year.
I love Cape Town, make no mistake, I love this city, I love the diversity here, I love my community, my children's schools, our home.

But a lot is also wrong in South Africa. For starters we have an incredibly corrupt government, so much so that when Covid hit us, a donation that came to the country was handed in person because they did not trust the government to hand the goods over to those who really need it.
The crime rate is sky high.
There is a culture of rape and gender based violence against women and children.
Racism; white on black, black on white, everything is racism, everything... even the things that have nothing to do with racism but rather someones behaviour, a race card gets played.
Farmers are murdered in the most violent ways, often elderly people who pose no actual threat.
The list is long, really long.

But where do we go?
We have researched:
1. Portugal; my home country, we could move tomorrow, no problem. Everyones papers are in order, children have dual citizenship. Easy... but also not, our family there tells us, there are no jobs, that our kids will leave as soon as they finished studying. English schools are too expensive and we would love for them to finish their shools in English.

2. Ireland: EU country, so again no problem getting in. But we don't know a single person there. Yes it looks wonderful, the Facebook group of South Africans moving there is fabulous and there are tons of information for any question you may have. Do you just move there and hope for the best?!

3. UK in particular Scotland.
4. Canada
5. New Zealand

We have even looked at The Netherlands (I think this is how Facebook showed me a Yoors advert by the way)

And the list grows and changes.
Because simply, when we research we find that every country has it's problems.
We also are responsible for our inlaws, they need to be looked aftet, where would they go live? Who would look after them? Would a 16 year old cope in a different school system? Isn't it best that she finished school here rather and then we leave?

Many South Africans have left. The number 1 reason is because of crime, closely followed by corruption.

And when I say many, I mean, MANY.
It's a really hard decision. Add a very weak South African currency into the decision, and what may be a small fortune here, will mean absolutely nothing in Europe.

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