The fall discolouration is beautiful, and with the light of a setting sun I enjoyed this opportunity. Somewhere among many other low shrubs, this Gelderse rose (Viburnum opulus) shows off on the domain of Fort Edegem.

Guelder rose is a deciduous species and is native, i.e. that the plant is naturally found here. This makes this Viburnum the parent plant of many deciduous Viburnum species that are being planted in gardens today. It is a compact shrub with a broad growth method that produces large amounts of flowers and fruits. The blade is trilobed, toothed and sometimes hairy at the bottom. In autumn, the leaf turns deep crimson.

The plant blooms in May - June with white owls with lace like flowers in large screens. The fruits are masses of transparent, orange-red berries that linger on the branches from August to October. Due to the wry taste of the berries, the fruits of the Gelderse rose are the last choice as food for the birds. This is why the Viburnum's beautiful shades of colour can be enjoyed for a long time because it is hardy and blooms very nicely.