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Emigrate, or not?

There are a number of people here on Yoors who have emigrated, from the Netherlands, but also from other countries.

I am always curious about the reasons why someone is emigrating, and until recently I could not imagine anything.

My partner has said for as long as I know her that she wants an “adventure abroad” (she has lived in Switzerland for 3 years), and that is also regularly discussed.

That's how we were in America, and we came to talk with many Dutch people who emigrated there.

Would we like that, too, we wondered? We were unanimous: for no gold!

We were in Kenya, and we love the country. Would we like to live here? No way!

We were in Norway, wondering, would we like to live here? Other half said yes, I said no.

We came to Canada, and spoke again many of the Dutch origins... would we? Again another half said yes, and I doubted.

I have always said: as long as my parents are alive, I will stay in the Netherlands.

I would hurt my parents very much if I leave, and the band is too good, I wouldn't be able to get that over my heart.

Do you have to stay for your parents? Maybe not, but it's the choice I'd make.

Until... I first got to Iceland.

The land seized us, and has not let us go until now.

Come home from vacation I didn't want to be here anymore, in this rushed country, I wanted to go back.

The peace, the beautiful nature, the pace of life there, the relaxed people, you're good the way you are.

Everyone is spoken by their first name, you're equal.

For the first time in my life, I seriously considered emigrating!

Icelandic Netherlands can be reached, so if I would like to see my parents I can (less than now, but it could).

We talked to Icelanders about the possibilities, I got tips from an Icelandic who would like to help us wherever possible.

We went to look further and think seriously.

We told my parents, who almost got a prolapse, because this sounded serious, too serious.

If you go further, you will also find the negative aspects, because: if you live there, you also have to work, and: can you still enjoy that beautiful nature?

Suppose I keep driving on the bus, that could be largely possible, although you drive differently, but for my partner, who is a youth worker, it's different.

The language is one thing, which is very complicated to learn, but where a will is...

Iceland has a lot of corruption, something that surprised me.

And it's very difficult to get in, legally, but also socially.

And although I may seem to be an accessible person online, I do not make contact outside that easy, and Icelanders are very self-sufficient.

Then the climate: on Iceland it always blows! The summers are cool, sitting outside, what we like to do can hardly be there.

Gardening is tricky there, it's simply too long, too cold.

And then the well-known, certainly not ideal Netherlands is the better option, perhaps.

Here we have a job, a nice house, nice friends.

We know what we have, not what we get back, yes, maybe we're too scared.

So for the time being, we are not going to emigrate.

We do plan to visit the country often.

But my dream remains: later when I grow up (so retired, and hopefully healthy), my own cottage in Iceland...

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