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Icelandic rainbows.

Rainbows are magical!

For children, but also for adults.

When I was in Iceland last year summer, I saw one or more rainbows, hurrah almost every day!

I even drove under it, didn't hurt, was a crazy idea.

I've tried to put some rainbows in the picture, but that's not easy at all!

Still, I'd like to show you a few pictures, with Icelandic rainbows.


Typical Iceland, a small village, a church, and a rainbow.

Right next to the church, you can see the football field, where a football game was held later that evening.

Due to covid, supporters were looking in the car. At every goal, it was a horn of great!


Waterfalls often guarantee a rainbow: here at the Gulfoss


At the Seljalandsfoss, the pot of gold is in the water.


And even on top of a mountain, we suddenly saw a rainbow, while it wasn't sunny!


Iceland must be almost a rich country, with all those clogged jars of gold.

Next to the view from one of our stays, with, yes, another rainbow.

I always have to think of my deceased loved ones when I see a rainbow.

That's because of a song by Vicky Brown, which will once be played at my funeral.

So I had a whole bunch of loved ones with me in Iceland!

Vicky Brown's song should not be missing in this post, you can find it below:

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