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The Japanese Blossom Festival is in full swing!

In the Amsterdam forest, near Amstelveen, the free Japanese Blossom Festival is in full swing.

Your reporter went to look for you.


Every year, thousands of people come to Amstelveen, to enjoy the blossom of 400 cherry trees in the middle of the Amsterdam forest.

These trees are located in the Japanese blossom park, and for about two to a maximum of four weeks these trees are in full bloom.

It is then a big oasis of white and pale pink blossom.


In the year 2000, the cherry trees were donated to Amstelveen by The Japan's Women's Club, because of its good trade relations.

There are a number of large Japanese companies located in Amstelveen that provide a lot of jobs.

The trees are now causing a large influx of people, including many tourists.


In Japan, the Cherry Blossom Festival (called Hanami Matsuri) is a big party.

The Japanese celebrate the arrival of spring with this party.

The cherry blossom is called Sakura in Japan, and symbolizes a new beginning.

At the same time, it refers to the transience of life (a human life is as short as the cherry blossom bley in eternity).

When it blows and the blossom falls off the tree it looks like it is snowing (see also photo below)


The blossom park is not as big as you'd expect. I estimate it up to 300x300 meters.

In this space, you'll find 400 trees, and you can recreate under a blossom roof, and your eyes look forward to the blossom (and the people)!).

Millions of photos are taken, of the blossom, each other and the necessary selfies.

People have a picnic under the blossom, which gives a very special atmosphere.



It's a shame that the blossom only blooms so short.



Fortunately, your reporter had her camera with it.

Not only does man enjoy this natural spectacle.


Picnic under the blossom is only allowed on weekdays.

On weekends, the park is too busy.


Admission to this festival is free.

You can park for free at the goat farm, or in the specially designated “blossom parking lot”, which you will find a short distance from the goat farm.

When you google-d on “manage Amsterdam forest” you will find the parking lot.

Be fast, the trees will be blossomed in a week or two.

On the website of the Amsterdam forest you can see when the busy periods are.


Please note that there are no sanitary facilities at the blossom park!

With a final picture of the blossom roof, I say goodbye to the beautiful trees.

Don't forget your camera!

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