10 Ways to (re) highlight your blogs, if you... Z

10 Ways to (re) highlight your blogs, if you only have a Yoors account.

Even if you only have a Yoors account, no other Facebook, Pinterest, or other Socials , your blogs can still be found/read.

For example:

  1. Choose one (popular) hashtag to write about;
  2. Place a “call to action” at the bottom of a post. For example, “If you liked this post, share it “;
  3. Send it by email (to those who gave permission to do so);
  4. Post it in a comment under a relevant blog (possibly with permission);
  5. Renew an old post and share it again;
  6. Make an overview of related blogs;
  7. Link in a new post to a relevant old post. For example, add “See also”;
  8. Enable fairshare to a (post), then you reward the one that fairshared your post (how many and how many members you set up yourself).
  9. Use a trigger
  10. Join Polish . On the scoreboard, members can also see your entry that is participating.

Update 2 January 2022:

  • A renewed explanation about fairshare is being worked on (so the old one has been removed).
  • Polish are currently not active.

Additional tips:

Do you know more ways?

I'm curious, let you know in a comment?

It's free to join Yoors.

Thanks to Millie Balloon as a source of inspiration for this blog.

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Updated January 2, 2022