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Blending photos in Paint.NET

Blend photos in Paint dot NET, or blend together.

You do it like this:

  1. Download free software Paint.Net

  2. If it is installed, open the program

  3. Open an image of your choice that you want to use as a background

  4. Open an image of, for example, someone's face.
    Cut if necessary background road behind the face. (Then surge as .png)

  5. Select All (Select All)

  6. Copy (Copy)

  7. Go to the background image

  8. New Layer

  9. Paste
    Move to desired place. Enlarge or decrease. If necessary, turn some.

  10. Layer properties

  11. Shift the transparency (Opacity) to your liking

  12. Save As (Save as)

  13. Name

  14. Choose JPEG as storage format

  15. Merge Layers (Flatten)


See also this video on YouTube:

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