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Mountain Gerlitzen, Karinth, Austria

The Gerlitzen is a mountain in Karinth, Austria. This is located near the Ossiacher See (a lake). On and around that mountain you can spend quite a few hours!

Mountain Pass

You can choose to drive to the top via a pass. It costs 7 euros (in 2020) and is quite narrow. Nice to see, but you better not run into an oncoming vehicle. A few views on the way:



Cable car

Another option is to go up by cable car. (From the valley there are two.)


Hiking or cycling up, you can do that too.


This can also be done by walking, cycling or by cable car. But also different... namely quite spectacular. More about that later in this article.

Once Above

Upstairs are hiking trails, a restaurant, energy pyramids, beautiful views of various mountain peaks and sometimes glider planes.



Paragliding! See this post:


There is little or little shade there, so make sure you have good sunscreen protection. Because after my visit to that beautiful place, my arms and face were pretty burnt:
My forehead pricked, and I got a little headache. A few fellow campers at camping Alpenfreude came up with remedies, because my after-sun didn't help. With slices of cucumber, pull out the heat quite well.
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