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Austria (and other countries where there are many mountains too) contain many mountain tunnels. Pretty structures I think so.
Through a tunnel you can of course shorten a piece of route. This saves driving around one or more mountain (s)!
For some you have to pay toll. E.A.. for the Felbertauerntunnel.

Tip! The Kaiser Franz Josef Höhe, with a view of the Grossglockner, you can reach via the Hochalpenstrasse. You pay toll for that, too.
At the toll gate of the Hochalpenstrasse, you can choose to pay the tolls for the Felbertauerntunnel immediately.

The Felbertauerntunnel is more than 5 km. long and is more than 1.5 kilometres above sea level.
At an entrance to the tunnel there is a beautiful stopping point. It is a spacious parking space and you can enjoy nature.


There are also hiking routes.



In de tunnel zelf ziet het er zo uit.

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