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Share blog on Instagram

Do you have an account on Instagram? Did you know that you can also share blog articles there?
If you want to know how, read on.

Why share a blog on Instagram?

To reach even more people. Then there is a chance of (even) more visitors to your blog!

Where to share a blog on Instagram?

In your account info

Place a clickable link there. For example, the one to your latest blog article.
Or to your website or blog, or to your Linktree.

In a post:

If you post a photo, include the link in the description. Even though the link is not clickable there. Anyone who is curious about it, copy the link and go see it.

In a story:

Place a clickable link in a story, possibly provided with a short text or term.

What can contribute to visiting a link?

Whether you are going to view the link you have placed depends on several factors, including:

  • The total of your post of story:
    - Does the image appeal to a different. It doesn't have to be a photo,. You can also create your own images. For example, in Canva (nonsponsored):
    - Is the text a trigger or people want to know more about it
    - it makes people happy
    - is it inspiring and so on.
  • The number of followers can play a role
  • The time of posting a post or story. When your most followers are online? Check this post:
  • Mentioning relevant hashtags

Do you already share your blogs on Instagram?

Here's my account there:

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Header photo: Pixabay

Updated 24-03-2022