Link clickable in blogpost

A link is an address on the Internet. It is useful for readers if the link is also clickable right away.

That is, if you click on it, you will immediately open the link in their browser (whether or not in a new window. That's what you decide.) is a clickable link. Here the necessary operation is carried out.

Why would you like to post a clickable link in your blog?

  • To refer to more information
  • So that the visitor clicks through to your website outside Yoors
  • Other reason.

How to make a link clickable in a blog article?

So how to process a clickable link in a blogpost?

1. Text with link

You link the link to a piece of text. Separate text or text with an image. A few words or a whole sentence.
That could be a link itself.
You select the text to which you want to link the link and then you will see a gray bar above the text block where you can choose bold, italic or underlined:

The fourth is a link. Click on that.


Then a new window opens:

  • Field “Url: Paste the full link there. So a link that starts with “https: //”
  • Box for “Open New Window”: Check that if you want that link to be opened in a new browser window (Yoors will remain open)
  • Text: the text to which the link is linked.

- Ready? - Yeah. Click “OK”

2. Link to a YouTube video

3. Post in Post

If you want to insert another post (or yourself), you can also use:

4. Make image clickable

If clicking on an image should lead to a link, do so as follows:

  1. In the blog editor, after “Basic”, click the arrow
  2. A menu appears. Scroll down and choose “Separation”
  3. Drag any building block from that section into your blog
  4. When you click on the building block in your blog, you will see three buttons appear:
With the camera you could replace the image.
With the link you can attach a link to it.
The pencil allows you to determine a different size.

5. Edit the “Invite Friends” building block

This building block:


You can adjust that. For example, this is a changed one:

Become also Yoorslid

It is an educational blog platform.

I changed the image. I also changed the text “Invite friend”. Furthermore, I added a line of text. By clicking on the text section. Then buttons appear. Click on the plus and choose “Paragraph”.

You cannot change the word “Login” displayed in blue.


Edit or remove link

Suppose you want to change or delete the link for some reason.
For example, because you want the link to be opened in an external window. You can check that when editing the link.
Whether the link has changed, or no longer exists. You want to keep your blog article up-to-date.

  1. Click on the pencil to customize your blog post.
  2. Click on the link.
  3. A link appears. Click on that.
  4. Customize the link to your liking. You can remove it by placing a gate instead of the link.


Every now and then, check that the links you have incorporated into blog articles (or quickposts) are still working.

Check out this short video (dutch):


Updated March 21st. 2020

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