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Post in post

With the Post in Post function, virtually any Yoorspost (both of itself and of other Yoor-members) can be inserted into a blog.

3 Great Benefits to Use Post-In Post

1. You add things easier, by sliding them between them;
2. You help each other with the visibility of blogs;
3. You can create an overview of related blogs.

How do you do that?

With the blog editor .

  1. Create or edit a post in which you want to add a post;

  2. In the blog editor, click the arrow behind “General”;

  3. Then choose “Add Content”

  4. Drag the right building block (as shown here in the picture) to the desired place in your post;

  5. yoorshelpEN
  6. Then click on the image in that block. A search screen opens;

  7. Wait a few seconds. Click in the empty field above.

  8. yoorshelpEN

7. Enter the (original) title of the post you want to add

8. (If available) the search results will be shown. Choose the right one.
9. The title of the post of your choice is automatically displayed in the block. (Unless the title is very short or the post is too old.)

In the post post building block you will find the blue text “Read more” (or in Dutch "Lees meer").
This is automatically the link to the relevant blog. It also contains your unique Yoors ID. With this you will receive Yoorpoints for a certain number of (supporter) views obtained.
When clicking on it, the link opens in the same browser window.

See also this video on YouTube (Dutch) :

This is also a post in post:

This can be done with endless posts.

Drag and drop the right building block in your blog.

Instead of post in post

You could show tiles, if you'd prefer it. Click here for more info.


Check once in a while with previously placed posts-in post (s) if that still exists.

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Updated March 24th. 2020