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Movie Park Germany

My son once gave a talk about MoviePark Germany.

“Hello, boys and girls,

Which one of you has ever been to an amusement park?
And which one of you was in Movie Park once?
I was there in the June break. To be precise on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, and I loved it so much that I'm going to tell you about it today.

Movie Park Germany

This is an amusement park for young and old that is entirely dedicated to films. Movie means film. Even if you wouldn't dare to reach fast attractions, there's still plenty to do for a great day out.It is located in Germany, which is a neighbour of the Netherlands. Netherlands.To to get there it is about an hour drive by car from Roermond.

Now I'm going to tell you about the attractions I've been in:

  • The Lost Temple
    The first attraction we went into was “The Lost Temple”. It is located near the entrance of the amusement park. Each time at the start 2x 30 people are allowed to enter. First you go through it on foot. Until a guide lets you get into an elevator. That elevator will take you to a depth of 700 meters. And then you discover that there are still dinosaurs alive! There is an exciting car ride where you have to keep your arms inside, so that the dinosaurs can't touch you.

See this video on YouTube:

  • Avatar Air Glider
    After all that excitement and thrill, my father and I wanted to float. This is ideal in the Avatar Air Glider.
    That's where you lie flat on your stomach. Blessed! Really such a wonderful feeling!Later in the day we went in again!
  • Splat-O-Sphere
    Then we went to the Splat-O-Sphere. From this attraction you can view the park at 30 meters high. Mom thought that really was too high.You are two in it and on the sides there are wings that you can control.
  • Stunt show
    Once a day a keigave stunt show is shown. At the entrance you can get a folder where the program of that day is on it. So we saw that the show would start at noon and we really didn't want to miss it. That is so awesome! Fatty actions are being pulled out by police and crooks. Racing, shooting, fire, everything really happens. Very well done by both stunt men and stunt women. The show itself lasts 25 minutes.
  • Mystery River
    One attraction we have visited twice with the whole family is the Mystery River. On a rotating platform you step into a round boat. If the platform didn't run, you could miss the boat. It's a bit of a crazy feeling when you get out of the boat. There can be 8 people in the boat. It's spinning around on a fast river with little waterfalls. The river flows both inside and outside. Sometimes you get a little wet in it and sometimes just soaking wet. It's just how the boat ends up every time. After 5 minutes you get back on dry land. A very nice attraction this is. Unfortunately, I can't show my own images of this.

See this video on YouTube:

  • Bandit
    We haven't been in there and I wouldn't dare. Papa would have wanted. There was a really too long queue that day, so Dad would be in line for two hours! It's the coolest roller coaster in the whole park. Made entirely of wood and super fast. Similar to Troy in Toverland.
  • Pierside Carousel
    A fast glider I went in alone. Tasty swing.

Besides the Pierside CarouselI could also jump trampoline.
We had to pay extra €5 for that.
It's not really part of the park itself.

  • Ghost Chasers
    On the roller coaster, called “Ghost Chasers” I went in with Dad. We sat in one cart that at 15 meters altitude that winds on a trail of 375 meters and takes a dizzying dive, which tickles in your stomach.
  • Ice Age Adventure
    Do you know the Fata Morgana in Efteling? So is the Ice Age Adventure, you're in a boat and see beautiful scenery with Ice Age. Beautifully made and initially the boat sails very calmly.But suddenly the boat comes in. That is pretty fancy! He goes up at the end and the boat stayed right in the dark. And then whoop. I didn't get wet.
  • - Flyboat. - Yeah
    Papa went to order fries at one of the many restaurants in the park. Mama picked out a table with seats. There's the - Flyboat. - Yeah next to that, so I went in between. A bench that goes up and then drops you a little while you're in it. (Something like that is also in the Falconer.)
  • Time Riders
    Also time travel can be in the park, with the simulator Time Riders.The main role is played by the world-famous actor John Cleese, who is known from the comedy series Fawlty Towers and the films of Monthy Python. Yeah, you may not know them, neither do I, but big people do! A very cool attraction, first you go back a little bit in time and you see yourself walking in there. But then you go really far back in time.It's made really cool, I think. Species 4D.
  • Ice Age: No time for nuts
    Here too pay attention to what time it starts in the cinema in the park. The film Ice Age: No time for nuts is a short but powerful experience of about 10 minutes.3D I think you all know. At 4D there is even more spectacular: if you can see water splashing on the screen, you can feel it yourself!
    It was a really cool movie. Maybe there's another movie if you ever go to MoviePark. That could be just like that.
  • We can't stop the beat
    There was another show announced and it was performed once a day: We can't stop the beat. In the 1960s decor, rock-and-rollers perform their dances to Motown music and sing the corresponding songs. I thought that was boring, but we could rest from all the walking back and forth.
  • Parade
    We watched the show. We can't stop the beat, but we walked away. So we could just see a piece of the parade, which pulls on the road every day. And that is announced as well. floats and action figures pass by. Also the ladies and gentlemen of the stunt show.
  • Backyardigans Mission to Mars
    As the end of the day I went to something with Dad: Backyardigans Mission to Mars. That's a small roller coaster that you can compare to the roller coaster in the Valconier. It's not over the head. There are many more attractions, too many to mention...
  • Oh, Dora
    We haven't been in this because you get really super wet in it and we didn't have any swimming gear with us. You're sitting in a tree trunk and it goes up a hill and down a hill. The water splashes up very high. In Plopsa Coo and Plopsa de Panne I have been in such an attraction. Let me show you something from youtube:

So much my stories about this fantastic amusement park.

And I had another ice cream.

Are there any questions?”

He clarified his story with his own videos and received loud applause from his classmates afterwards.
They thought it was a great talk and want to go there too.

Below are some pictures of that day:


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