On request an explanation how to make a header

Well, “on many” is exaggerated. But there are a number of Yoormembers who once asked me (today):
“How do you create a header for Yoors?” Time for a manual.

How to make a header for Yoors?

This can be done with the free program Paint.NET - Yes. I use that for it. In short, this is how:

  1. Determine the size of the image you are going to create. For a header I use 1.550x550 pixels nowadays.
  2. Choose layer, new layer. Edit that layer. For example, create a gradient in it or place an image there
  3. Place and shift text into desired color, font, and size

For clarification this video (with old size):

Would you rather use an existing header?

The Craft Juf Ede offers these headers and separators exclusively for Yoorsleds:

Also - Sanderrr. - Yeah provides headers:

Manuals about Paint dot NET are here:

Become a Yoorsmember: