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Phantasialand, Germany

Phantasialand is a well-known amusement park in Germany. About 20 years ago, I was there for the first time.
On August 2, 2017 again. This time with the whole family, on the occasion of our birthday boy.

Yolds are allowed to enter for free (see conditions on the website of the amusement park).
He got a button: “Heute ist mein Geburtstag.” That means “Today is my birthday.”

There is also a wristband for kids, to write down the phone number.
Always nice, so we also made use of that.

What we disappointed:

First you will be in the queue in front of the checkout, where it is not clear where, for example, you could go with e-tickets. Then you stand in line again, to come in with your purchased ticket...
For a famous amusement park like this, I thought that was a minus. And more people with me.


It seems there was nothing to do the day before, as they stayed away for fear of thunderstorms. The busier it was the day we were there.

What is there to do?

A lot of it. You can easily get a day full. There are attractions and shows for young and old.
Among other things, a 4D show, which is very nice.
And hubby went into a bank that swung hard and turned around. Fat for him, but really nothing for my son and my son. We watched from a safe distance. In addition, he was the only one of us three on an indoor roller coaster in the dark. (We just didn't go in with you.)

I also liked a boat trip, a rickshaw tour (both of which are inside somewhere) and a show full of acrobatics. The monorail is nothing.

The average waiting time we had per attraction was about 30 minutes that day. But for the roller coasters, an hour (or even longer) was “normal.” We just skipped it. It's not nice for children to have to wait that long.

All in all, we have been able to see and do quite a lot.

All the photos in this blog article are mine.

More info about this amusement park:

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