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Review Camping Samoza in Vierhouten

If you plan to go camping in the Veluwe, Gelderland, I can recommend camping Samoza.

Why do I recommend the campsite?

In the autumn of 2018 I camped there myself for a week. It is a large campsite with playgrounds, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, riding stables, environmental park, petting zoo, cafeteria, grand café and a shop.

It is a great base for a:

There are many fields, with spacious pitches.

Furthermore - in autumn, outside the holiday - it is wonderfully quiet and dogs are welcome. There is also a dog shower.

The sanitary facilities are cleaned twice a day - at least so I have heard from another camper.

For hot water, you get a deposit, a special green thing, which you can hold in front of a sensor.
For the dishes you get 1 minute 20 seconds of hot water. For the shower each 6 minutes.
You can of course repeat this as often as you want.


For an additional fee you can use Wi-Fi and a TV connection (provided the device is suitable).

Grand café Saxenburg

In the Grand Café (on the campsite grounds) you can eat affordable and delicious food.

Various dining options are also available in Vierhouten itself.

Huge plus

At least, I think so.
The barrier works on license plate vehicle.


For the next two high seasons (i.e. the high season in 2019 and 2020), the campsite is already fully booked!
And also during the autumn holiday 2018 crowds were expected.
The grass was there during our stay - before the time of the year - still very nice green (especially after the drought of summer 2018 ).


Honest is fair, unfortunately there is also a minus.
Payment can be made in cash, but the deposit can be refunded - for security reasons which I can understand - only by pin. That surprised me already. My surprise grew when I found today that the amount was not yet in our account. So called. “This will be on your account within 2 to 3 working days.” Useful if that would be reported at checkout. Luckily, we still have the receipt...


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