Share link on Medium Z

Share link on Medium

Do you have an account on Medium and would like to share a link there?

Then read on.

How to share a link on Medium?

This can be done in three different ways.

One of those ways:

  1. Copy the url (full link) of the article you want to share on Medium.
  2. Log in to Medium.

  3. Click the “Write” button: howto
  4. A new screen opens. Type a text to accompany the link.
  5. Click right mouse button behind.
  6. Opens a menu. Click “paste”.

    The link is pasted and is clickable.

One more way :

Optional instead of paragraphs 5 to 7 above:

  1. Select a text
  2. A row of buttons appears. Click on the link
  3. An input field appears. Right click
  4. Paste the link

    The link is then linked to selected text, which is then clickable. So when someone clicks on that text, that link opens.

Or type the link:

Optional instead of paragraphs 5 to 7 above:

  1. Type the link
  2. Press Spacebar

    The typed link is then clickable.

Examples of the above: