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Sharing posts on Reddit: where and how

@Henkjan the Warrior be us in his post , on its community on Reddit. Where we can share posts by ourselves and/or other members of the Hearing.
In addition, there are other places on Reddit, where links can be shared.

How to share a link on Reddit?

Copy the url of a blog post of your choice and paste it to Reddit. Loose or as a text link.
Tip: Provide a post on Reddit, with a title and accompanying text. Indicate why one would click on that link.

The quickest ways to post a link on Reddit:

From Yoors:
  1. Click the share button.
  2. A menu opens. Choose “Share to Other Networks”
  3. A screen opens. Choose Reddit button

On Reddit itself:
  1. Click “Create Post”.
  2. A screen opens. Choose “Link” tab
  3. Paste a link in the input screen.
  4. The title of the item in question will be automatically filled!
  5. Click “Post”

    Be asked for a “Flair”?
    That is, specify what kind of mail it is. Click on the “Flair” button and make the most suitable choice under which your mail belongs. For example, “Tutorial” (if that option is included).

Top: Sharing from Yoors to Reddit.
Below: Share on Reddit itself.


Where to share links on Reddit?

  • On your own account
  • In comments. Tip: only post related links. You don't respond to an article about Health with a link to a post with some Easter craft, that may be clear.
  • In communities. Optional: Create your own community. While creating, you name the community. If it already exists, Reddit will immediately indicate that.
    Always observe any rules.

What is a community?

Literally translated: a community.
Think of it as a group. On Facebook, there are also groups where you share. In a cooking group, you share recipes, in a craft group, craft ideas and so on.
That's how it goes on Reddit. So in a community, you can share posts about a specific topic.
In the Henkjan community, we can share any post posted on Yoors (unless the creator has indicated in the post that he does not want to).

How to find communities on Reddit?

The top communities, its communities where a lot is placed in and/or interaction takes place.
And where are those Top Communities?

  1. Log in op Reddit
  2. Klik achter "Home" op het pijltje
  3. Een menu klapt uit
  4. Kies "Top Communities"
  5. A screen opens. There they stand. Scroll down to see more.
  6. Does a community appeal to you right away? Click “Join” behind it to join.
  7. Or check it out by first clicking on and becoming a member.


Another way to find a community:

Type in the browser field https://reddit.com/r/ right after the slash (ie “/”) followed by a term that you hope to find a community. For example: https://reddit/com/r/Fairshare_Platform/
That's also useful if you didn't see the community in the Top communities list.
What's more: if you wanted to create that community, you don't have to:)

How to Create a Community?

Note: once created, you can't delete a community. Do get out. Another person can then request Reddit to be allowed to manage the community.

  1. Log in op Reddit
  2. Klik op het pijltje achter "Home"

  3. A menu opens. Choose “+ Create Community”
  4. A small screen opens. Enter a name in the input field (which already contains “/r”). If it already exists, Reddit indicates.
    Up to you whether you change the name, or become a member of the already existing community.
  5. If the name doesn't exist yet: Choose the type of community. Choice of public, restricted or private.
  6. Then click on “Create community”
  7. A new screen opens. Click “Continue”
  8. You can enter description by clicking on “Add description”.
  9. Click “Add a Primary Topic”
  10. A menu opens. Choose a main topic.


  11. Choose “Mod Tools” to moderate. There are various options there. A few of them will be covered here:
  12. Choose “Rules” (under heading “Rules and regulations”)
  13. Click “Add rule” to add one or more group rule (s). (For examples, look in other communities.)
    For example, “No affiliate links allowed”
  14. To change the colors, click “Community appearance” (under “Other” heading)
  15. A new screen opens. Klik op het pijltje achter "Color themes"
  16. A menu opens. Adjust the colors to your liking
  17. Click “Save”

Besides Reddit, there are more areas, of course.