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Smart social: share Yoorsposts automatically repeatedly on various social media

One way to share on Yoorsposts is via the handy built-in “Smart social” tool.

Why is Smart Social Useful?

It automatically shares a post of your choice (repeated) on the social media you have associated with it.

How to set up smart social?

The bar menu includes a.o. the “Smart social” option. Click on it and this screen appears:

Connecting social media

In the smart social screen, click the minus sign for “Settings”. This section then flips open.
If necessary, connect Smart social to the following social media:

  • Facebook: One page of you of your choice. Please note: not your account)
  • Linkedin: your account
  • Pinterest: Choose one of your own Pinterest board to invariably share
  • Twitter: your account



This can be done by clicking on the recycle bin behind that connection.

Sometimes you can get an email that a disconnection has been disconnected (without you doing it yourself).
Then you can reconnect the relevant. (Or let that. That's entirely up to you of course.)


You can choose to post

  • after 1, 2 or 3 months by automatically resharing smart social.
  • Reshare 1, 2 or 3 times.

    If you have chosen to reshare after 3 months and reshare 2 times, then the next time you won't be reshared that post in 3 months. Next, the post will be shared again: 3 months later.

Please note:

Only when you click “Save” those settings will be effective.

How to schedule a post with Smart social?

There are two ways to.
One way is as follows :
Open a post you want to share. At the bottom there are buttons. Click the part button.
  1. A screen opens.
  2. Check (or uncheck) which networks you want to share (or not) that post on.
  3. Add evt. provide a personal explanation. Should not, may.
  4. Choose whether to share once or multiple times via smart social. To do so, use the “One-Time Share Now” or “Share Multiple Times” button
  5. Then click “Continue”.

    The post is shared via Smart social on the networks of your choice, with the frequency you set from the bar menu.

Don't want to share via smart social?
Then click “See more networks to share this post”
Then you'll see other share buttons, for example Flipboard.
Another way:
When creating and/or editing your own post, you can use the “Smart social” tab to choose whether to share that post through that tool.


Scheduled posts end up in a so-called queue. You will then see what date, which post will be shared, and on which networks you have linked. If you chose “Now” when you plan, the post is already shared once.


In the Smartsocial queue, you can click on the pencil at the back of a scheduled post. Then a small screen opens, where it is possible to fill in a caption. This explains what the post is about and increases the likelihood of clicking on the link.



Where you can enter the caption, you can also change the date. This is useful in the following situation, for example: You share something about Christmas, but by repetitive planning, that would be shared in October. You might not want to, so you could move to. late November or early December, for example.


You can disconnect one, multiple, or all Social media connections by clicking on the trash after that connection.

A future placement (see Queue) can also be removed by trash behind it.

Example of a situation:

Suppose you want to repeat most posts 2x (then a total of 3 x automatically shared by smart social, because 1 x right away). But some post (s) not. Then you can remove that scheduled placement (s) as you wish.

Shortened link

Posts shared on social media using Smart Social include an abbreviated link. For example, it starts with “Y.is.”

Remember that not everyone trusts shortened links. People prefer to see where a link leads right away. An explanation (caption) is therefore also advisable.

Can't schedule duplicate

You can't add an already scheduled post to the queue again.
As soon as you click on the smart social button in an already scheduled post, you will see this:

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Updated: 23-09-2021
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