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Urenkopf lookout tower in Hasslach, Germany

There are a lot of things to do in the Black Forest. A visit to a huge lookout tower, in the middle of a forest on a mountain. I am talking about the Urenkopf, which is located just outside the centre of Hasslach.

Route by car

Drive out of Hasslach, follow the brown sign “Vulcan”, park the car in the small parking lot, follow the white sign “Urenkopf”. From the parking lot it is 1 kilometer walk, pretty steep up.

The Tower

The tower is firmly built, although it seems to wobble at the top.
I myself have not been in it, have waited well at the bottom.
With my fear of heights, I didn't like being able to see through the steps.
It is an impressive building with up to 184 steps.
Nevertheless, I also enjoyed the surroundings there.


From there one can look very far. Provided the clear weather is natural.


Some people from the region regularly come there and run up and down the stairs. (They prefer than I hihi.)
A free (and decent) workout I thought so!

Want to know more?

More info about the tower and a video can be found on the website of Hasslach .

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