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Vintgar Gorge Bled, Slovenia

During our holiday in Austria we also visited Slovenia one day. That was good to do because we camped nigh the three borders point with Slovenia and Italy .

You'll soon be in Slovenia via the Würzen Pass.

Along the way we were treated to this view:


A parking ticket on site costs 5 euros (summer 2019).
However, the parking lot was full, so we were led to a parking lot in an industrial park in Bled. It also cost 5 euros there. From there we were transported free of charge by bus to and from the gorge.
Compliments for the driver who managed to take the tight roads and a big hairpin bend flawlessly.

Beautiful nature

I was there - like my husband - for the third time and our son for the first time.
What was enjoying all that natural beauty again?. And finally take decent pictures.
An Impression:


It was hugely busy.

Sometimes we were literally in traffic jams. Entire rows of people who had to pass along fairly narrow paths.

At one point, I was waiting on a bridge for hubby to take a picture of me.
That's when two rows came through me.
A woman was annoyed that I had to walk through. I used to have been able to do that and would have walked through. But I looked at her and shook no and bearded “Come on, say.! Not for you!” She didn't have it back.

Back and back

According to the ticket, you have three hours admission. At normal running pace, you can easily walk from the entrance to the end and back.
The trails are easy to passable.

At the end there is a kiosk. From there, you can walk to other things. But that can be quite far. To go to the kiosk, go through a gate. There you can return to the entrance with the same ticket. So don't throw that away during the visit.!


At the start and end point there is a toilet block.


If you want to visit the gorge in the morning, bring a cardigan or sweater. Then it could be (still) fresh.


Update 16-07-2021
In 2005 I also visited the gorge and made these images of it:


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