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Walibi Holland

One of the theme parks in the Netherlands is Walibi Holland. (Formerly known as Six Flags)
Located near the Veluwe, in Biddinghuizen in the Dutch province of Flevoland.

The Ferris wheel

One of the attractions is the Ferris wheel, which I photographed from various sides:


Most of them are present in the park. Among other things, which can be seen in the header, and this:

Favorite Attraction

Frankly, I'm not so into the rollercoasters myself. They are numerous and according to my husband: “Fat.”
What I really like is going down a 'wild' river with such a round boat. In Walibi Holland this attraction is called: “El Rio Grande”.

What do I think of the park?

In general, it is clean and operates friendly staff.
Outside the roller coasters, you can also experience other things. There is something for everyone.
Also many seats if you wait for the one who will come out an attraction.

More info:

See website: walibi.nl


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